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Marilyn Dalton
Quilt Binding Services
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exp: 5/30/19
Tee Shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts are made for any occasion, such as graduation, Christmas gift, birthday, or even a memorial to honor a loved one. Please allow at least 6-8 weeks, or more if you can, to have your quilt made and ready for you when you want it.  T-shirts will be on the front and back of the quilt.

Listed below are t-shirt quilt estimates.
I charge $10.50 per sq ft.
1. Lap quilt approximately $350-you will need to provide at least 20-25 T-shirts
2. Larger quilt 25 or more will be determined and finalized when completed, but the larger quilts will run in the area of $400
In addition to putting your T-shirts into a quilt, the price includes quilting by a person who does long arm quilting, If you want your quilt to be "tied off" and not quilted that will save you in the area of $50-$75.  
I will give any Law Enforcement Officer and Veterans, retired or active, a 10% discount.  
References, available on request.

Kate's Quilts and Crafts!
Katie Hiland

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exp 8/30/2019
352 874 2966
I am interested in finding a person (or persons) who could make a quilt top out of special clothing that I have dressed our children in, and then quilt a queen size quilt. We would be willing to pay whatever you charge. We would supply the fabric from dresses our girls have worn in their youth. We would love having a dutch girl pattern if possible. Please let me know if anyone could help me with this special project. Thanks

Cathy Paul
is looking for someone to make a quilt from her Father Ties.

If you are interested contact her at
Or 305-972-8120
I am looking for a Miele Rotary Iron. If you have one you would like to sell please contact me. Dana 215-760-1531