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                                                          Quilting Guild In The News

05/22/19     Scholarships Going to 2019 VHS Graduates
05/08/19     Widower Finds Healing in Quilting
03/02/19     Parade of Quilts Showcases Residents' Talents
02/27/19     Quilters Closet and Notions Sale is Saturday
02/24/19     Playing Catch-UP: Buying Roses and the Perfect Quilt
02/20/19     Villager Tells Mother's Story With Quilt
02/14/19     Guild Succeeds
01/26/19     Quilt Show Presents A Feast For the Eyes
01/24/19     Talking with Theresa Ierardi
01/24/19     Quilting Guild Showcase Offers Variety Of Styles
01/21/19     Veterans Honored at Khaki Quilter Ceremony
01/17/19     Group Crafts a Quilt for Breast Cancer Awareness
11/14/18      Quilters Learn about Good Posture Quilting B's
11/05/18      Khaki Quilters Hosted Luncheon for Sister Chapter
10/18/18      Rohan Quilters Learn Free Motion Quilting
09/27/18     Khaki Quilters Donate Quilts to Veterans
08/18/18     Moyer Citrus Stitchers 90 Year Old Quilts
08/9/18       Speaker Diane Knott
08/8/18       Moyer Quilters Field Trips
08/02/18     Khaki Donates Blanket to Youth Ranches
07/21/18     Big Cypress and Citrus Stitchers
07/17/18     Villages Honor Flight Mission 41
07/14/18     Next Door News Saddlebrook and Chatham and Bs
07/13/18     Captiva Quilters Pillows
07/11/18     Captiva Quilters Cornerstone
07/07/18     Pillows for Humane Society
05/30/18     Bradenton Hosts Khaki
07/22/17     Chatham Quilters
06/29/17     Allamanda Quilters
05/05/17     Cecelia Reed presentation at Chatham
03/22/17     Daily Sun Alex Anderson

02/15/17     page 2 Audrey Temmer from Lake Miona = First Place, Best in Show and Viewer's Choice Quilt
01/29/17     Daily Sun Showcase article
01/01/17     Quilitng B's adopt a Christmas Family
12/31/16     Modern Quilt Guild meets
10/08/16     Founding Member Going Away Party
09/27/16     Chatham Placemats
09/07/16     Suzanne Keubler pg 2
     The Villages Magazine
09/04/16     Sewing in The Villages
     Quilters Host Estate Sale
08/27/16     Art Bee in the Daily Sun
08/19/16 in the Daily Sun click here to read online
Sterling Stitchers in the Daily Sun 8/17/16
Quilts made for those impacted by the Pulse shooting June 12, 2016
07/05/16 Sunday at Sterling article in Daily Sun
Place Mats for Operation Home bound