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Tips for a showcase quilt:

   What is a judge looking for?    
      Making a sleeve #1           Making a sleeve #2             Making a drawstring bag   


Nancy Zeman easy zipper - 
The zipper part starts 13.15 minutes into this video.

9 Tips to Attending a Quilt Retreat                            Quilting Terminology                                        Quilter's Code

Free Online Quilt Calculators                                    Storage Solutions                                               Thread Spool Secrets

Sewing Hacks                                                                  DIY Color Catcher                                              How to Determine Scrim Side of Batting

Perfect Free Motion Quilting                                      Meander Free Motion Quilting                        Odd Accessories for Sewing Use

Pressing Matters                                                            Scant 1/4"                                                            Safely Marking Your Quilt for Quilting

Sew a Circle Easily                                                         Testing for an Accurate Seam Allowance      Changing a Bobbin Midstream

Top 10 Tips for Domestic Machine Quilting                        Quilt Binding Techniques                                           Sewing Room Organization

Sinking Thread Ends                                                                 Marking Tools                                                               Cleaning Fuzz from Cutting Mat

Squaring Up Blocks with Precision                                         Walking Foot Quilting                                                Continuous Bias Binding

How to Fussy Cut                                                                       
Quilting Beginner Resource Guide                          Shop Guide-Cutters, Mats, Rulers

Rulers                                                                                                                                     Labels
     How to Use Quilting Rulers Properly                                                                              Don't Forget the Quilt Label
     Where Should I Place My Ruler                                                                                        Printing Labels with Freezer Paper
     Using An Add Enough Ruler                                                                                              Printable Label Designs
     Accessories for Quilting Rulers                                                                                          How to Attach Your Quilt Label
     Selecting the Right Ruler for the Job

MoreTips and Tricks


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se empty, clean, plastic liquid coffee creamer containers with snap lids to hold water to fill your irons. Water doesn't spill out with the snap lids. These are great for retreats, at your quilting chapter, and your own sewing studio. Enjoy the creamer in your coffee first!